Why I’m doing #loveme




A little bit of everything tag

I was tagged by Crystal from brought to you by mom and I absolutely love Krystal. The first time I ever watched one of her YouTube videos I was hooked on her voice alone. She loves Mickey Mouse and so do I. Well you can just tell that I’m super excited to be tagged by Krystal to do that little bit of everything tag it’s about 30 questions so let’s get started. Question number one do you keep up with the Kardashian’s? Heck yeah I keep up with the Kardashian’s last season was in the Hamptons it was kourtney and Klhoe take the Hamptons. Before I had a baby I thought I couldn’t live without the Kardashian’s I wouldn’t even give up my cable box for fear I may lose the Kardashian’s. It’s not as important now but I still like me a little bit a Kim Khloe and Kortney. Number two if you could have an old musclecar which would you choose? I would choose a 1969 Malibu Chevelle. It would be black! Or maybe even orange with some super sport paint job. Number three do you curse like a sailor when the camera is it rolling. Unfortunately I do have a potty mouth. I mean there’s a time and place for my potty mouth I usually don’t try to you know curse in front of my grandmother or at church. Number four if your significant other gave you a hall pass would you use it be honest? The truth is I had to look up what a hall pass was or ask my husband. And it seems way too complicated for me to participate in. I mean I like a girls night out or a day at the spa but I’m not interested in any other relationship stuff. Who has time for that? Number five what is the one thing that you hate to admit. Who likes to admit when they’re wrong not me. I hate to admit that when I was 11 I stabbed a frog to death I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m really not ashamed to say that was wrong. Number six do you really brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Oh no I am so gross I don’t brush my teeth every morning and every night but every time I’m in the shower I do brush my teeth hopefully once a day. Oh man I’m gross. Number seven what is your go to drink at Starbucks? The black ice tea lemonade with half the sweetener Vente. Number eight is your current haircolor your real hair color? Most of my hair color is real I had some highlights for about a year. You can kind of see where they grown out but I’m working it like an ombre do. Number nine if you can swap bodies with anyone who would it be and why? I think I would trade bodies with maybe someone it would be Britney Spears. Britney Spears I think she’s just the cutest! Plus she’s in Vegas right now doing shows and so I would be able to eat in Vegas you know as Britney Spears that seems fun! Number 10 have you read 50 shades of gray if so what did you think? Let me tell you that onto him on chapter 8 of 50 shades of gray I don’t know what I think. really I’m not going to be able to judge until I finish it right? It seems like I got to apart that would really make me just want to put it down though because it’s just now getting into that ‘I can’t believe I just read that’ “part”. When I stopped reading if it was making me feel icky. I’m pretty much a prude. Number 11 do you crack your knuckles? I used to when I was younger but I try not to occasionally I do. Number 12 have you accidentally text message to someone something that you were supposed to be sending your special someone? No. Number 13 have you ever created a fake profile to creep on someone? Oh no. I don’t got time for that. I’ve watched too much catfish! Number 14 which is your weakness cookies or pastries? I’m doing the cookie dance cookie dance I love cookies! Number 15 what do you love about yourself? I love my hair I love my smile I love my personality. I love me! Number 16 do you have to match your nail polish to your toe polish? That seems absolutely lovely but if it doesn’t happen because the fingernail polish comes off much faster than the total polish will sometimes it’s different. Number 17 Tell us a few things about you that people would be surprised about you? You might be surprised to know I’ve never been to red lobster… You might be surprised to know that i’m a hula hoop in hippie at heart! Number 18 heels or flats? I’d like to say sexy heels but I can’t walk in those so flats latch on the way to go. Number 19 if you can do anything for one day and money wasn’t an option how do you think you would spend your day dream big! Oh I think I YouTube mommy meet up Disney cruise!! With all my friends and family and favorite YouTubers! Number 20 what is the last YouTube video that you watched? I’m not sure if this really counts but the last YouTube video was sort of the light hang out and it was the YouTube mommy meet up group discussing criticism. Number 21. Do you have road rage? I really don’t think I have road rage but there are times that I witnessed some crazy driving and I think what are you doing in my facial expression probably says it all. Number 22 what is your favorite rock ‘n roll song? Love rock ‘n roll Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers you know I love rock ‘n roll. Sing it with me! Number 23 who was your first kiss do you still talk to them? My first kiss was Christian… no not Christian gray from 50 shades of gray. No I don’t talk to him I see him on Facebook ever once in a while. But we don’t talk. Number 24 if you could have one YouTube her closet who’s what it be? I think I’m going to go with Crystal from brought to you by mom because I think she’s stylish, I feel like she knows how to shop and she’s about my size I think! So that I can put on her clothes and wear them around for a whole day! We can just play dress-up in the closet? Number 25 if you could have one you tubers make a collection who would it be? Do you watch candy Johnson she has the best make up collection I’ve ever seen in my life and I would love to play in it. Maybe if she could just give me a makeover. Number 26 do you have a nickname? My Uncle Bugs calls me the rubber head that throws fish… Number 27what do you think is the best thing about your YouTube channel? The best thing is the people that I know. Maybe I haven’t met these people yet but we communicate on a daily basis and build each other up which I think is fantastic. It truly is amazing to me the people that I have The opportunity to participate with. Number 28 how many cars have you had? I guess I’ve had seven cars I had a little red Fearow I had a blue Buick regal I had a little white Mazda protégé that almost all the white paint peeled off. I got married to my husband and I had a green Audi and then a Toyota Corolla then a BMW and a BMW. That seven cars right? Number 29 what is your favorite pizza. I like a thin crust pepperoni with the white garlic sauce with extra pepperoni and jalapeños. Number 30 if you could only have one lipstick for the rest of your life which lipstick would you choose. I would choose a tinted blistext in raspberry lemonade.
I hope everyone has a fantastic day and I will see you later lots of love bye.

Where I’m from

Where I’m from is where the West begins
In my backyard there were roosters and hens
The hottest month of the year is July
When the average temperature is 95
The city of cowboys and culture
with bluebonnets armadillos and vultures
I’ve lived in the area all around
Northside, Diamond Hill and cowtown
The air is Dusty The smells are harsh
Cowboys rodeos and Sansom Park

The pink poodle coffeeshop

When I was little my favorite place to eat was the pink poodle coffeeshop. It was actually a truckstop. When I was like four or five when my mom worked at this pink poodle coffeeshop. We would normally always sit at a booth and wait for my mom to get off work. This place had the jute box on the wall next to your booth so you could waste your quarters while you waited for your food. On the table there were packets of lemon and saltine crackers with butter and jam. Which is very entertaining for a four-year-old! There used to be this old trucker his name was Slim. He was one of my Moma’s favorite customers and boy he really did like me! He would always buy me the fruity gum with the stripes.
I’m really not sure what my favorite food was there. I can tell you my least favorite food to have there… It was the deep fried chicken leg it was a drumstick. It would always come out nice and golden and crispy on the outside but, one time… Maybe even the last time I had a drumstick there, I bit into the golden juiciness and it was bloody!! I’m sure it was sent back and re-cooked for me, while I entertained myself with the jukebox and some saltine crackers.
I totally just remembered my favorite thing to have there!!! It was the chicken fried steak with a side salad with ranch dressing. Some other deep-fried meaty goodness! Oh and they also used to have this awesome club sandwich! I think that was my mom’s favorite! I am really thankful for the memories I have sitting on my Nanny’s lap waiting for my Moma to get off work at the pink poodle coffeeshop!


Today I’m thankful for bathtime day five

I love bathtime do you guys like to take showers or baths? I’m one of those girls who have a whole routine you know I do the bath in the shower but I really enjoy the bubble bath with hot water. The water is so hot it’s practically scolding and I wait for it to cool, that’s the way I like it. I like to soak with a bunch of bubbles. So today I’m thankful for you no soap and water and the tub. I’m thankful for the amount of time I was actually able to set aside to take the bath. Because really I think it’s been like three days since I washed my hair; And that’s the way it works is being a mom I guess. You know before I had my baby, I would take one bath a day, sometimes two! Know I can barely fit in two baths a week! The truth is I’m extremely lucky if I can get in the bath without My toddler. As soon as he hears the water he knows it’s bath time. So here’s to a good back lots of love from my bathroom to yours! Are you in your bathroom?


First fire in our new place

So this is our first fire in our new place it’s nice and warm, and super scary because I have a toddler! Now it’s time to dig out the fireplace poker from the shed! Today is day four of being thankful #365smc
Today I’m super thankful for the fireplace and the extra long four day weekend that I got to spend with my husband… Which mean that I got to take a few extra naps lots of love!!


Chicken salad

Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight I’m having a delicious garden salad with broccoli, red onions, cherry tomatoes, carrots, avocado with a blue cheese dressing with shredded chicken on top. It’s super tasty and that’s what I’m thankful for today! Today would be day three of the 365 day social media challenge. I want to tell you it was a little difficult coming up with something tonight. I always give thanks to the Lord for my food though and this was a delicious meal something other than Thanksgiving leftovers. Lots of love and here’s me hoping that your dinner was as delicious as mine.